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Ciao Karen!

This is my "Panoramic" laboratory, at my home in Tuscany! It is in fact, pretty much a garage used as a laboratory, I do all of my dirty work here with wood, glue, paint, drills, saws, etc..

Questo è il mio laboratorio "panoramico" ! Infatti qui, praticamente un garage adibito a laboratorio, faccio tutti i miei lavori più sporchevoli: legno, colla, vernici, trapano, sega etc.

As you can see it is a chasm (and this is even after putting it right before photographing!), But the view from here is wonderful! My beloved hills are the framework while I'm working.

Come vedete è una bolgia ( e l'ho anche rimesso a posto prima di fotografarlo!), ma la vista da qui è meravigliosa! Le mie amatissime colline fanno da quadro mentre lavoro.

Inside, is a solid work station of which I am very proud because all of it was built with pieces picked up here and there: the counter is a door found in a garbage bin, the legs are part of a backrest cover, while the slats that form the lower shelf were also found in the street: practically the only thing I bought is the rubber bubble that covers the work surface.

Dentro, un robusto bancone di cui vado molto fiera perchè costruito tutto con pezzi raccattati qua e là: il piano è una porta raccolta ad un cassonetto, le zampe sono parti di un pancale, mentre le doghe che formano il ripiano inferiore formavano una rete, anche quella raccolta in strada: praticamente l'unica cosa che ho comprato è il rivestimento in gomma a bolle che ricopre il piano.

The shelving is from a friends shop, and is fully functional : one section is paints, glues and wood products ...

La scaffalatura, proveniente da un negozio di amici, è colma ma razionale: da una parte vernici, colle e prodotti per il legno...

.. on the other all of my 1000 tools: various drills and screwdrivers, four different grinders, saws and saws, electric jigsaw, Dremel and many others.

.. dall'altra i miei 1000 utensili: svariati trapani e avvittori, 4 diverse scartarici, seghe e seghetti, trforo elettrico, Dremel e molti altri.

The greatest tools, being the miter saw and the saw bench, they are placed in order to be allowed out, and ready to work, without getting too dirty.

Gli utensili più grandi, la troncatrice e la sega a banco, sono collocati in modo da poter essere portati fuori per lavorare senza sporcare troppo.

All over are objects, more or less old, awaiting restoration: chairs, frames, trunks (but what is behind those trunks? I do not remember ...), a nice armoire, a bed, an iron chandelier and others .

E ovunque oggetti più o meno vecchi in attesa di restauro: sedie, cornici, bauli (ma cosa ci sarà dentro a quei bauli? Non lo ricordo più...), un bell'armadio, un letto, un lampadario in ferro ed altro.

There is also another room, just two floors above the laboratory. A study that was to be my husbands, but since he no longer needs it, it will become mine. We started work in October of last year, but then everything stopped and is at a stand still for now.

Ci sarebbe anche un'altra stanza, proprio due piani sopra al laboratorio: questo era lo studio di mio marito, e visto che a lui non serve più dovrebbe diventare il mio: abbiamo iniziato dei lavori ad Ottobre dello scorso anno, ma poi tutto si è fermato ed è ancora esattamente così:

Here I could quietly sew, make collages, work on my vintage prints and all the experiments I want to do . Let's hope that next year I may show it to you finished!

Qui potrei tranquillamente cucire, fare collage, lavorare sulle mie stampe vintage e fare tutti gli esperimenti che voglio. Speriamo che per il prossimo anno possa mostrarvelo finito!

Anyway, I do love my carpentry workshop, and in the Summer it is the coolest room in the house. Sometimes I take one of my chairs, and I sit in the middle and look out ....

Comunque amo molto anche il mio laboratorio di falegnameria, che d'estate è la stanza più fresca della casa. A volte prendo una delle mie seggioline, mi siedo proprio nel mezzo, e guardo fuori....




  1. Wow, I love how you call your creative space you laboratory! What a gorgeous view! So, great you could furnished it all with things you found. Love my visit here and hope to see your beautiful second floor next year.

  2. Now this is a lovely site to work. No frills, just serious tools and organization. I really love it. Thanks for sharing this inspiring space that has an incredible view.

  3. Ciao Daniela! I love your home and your incredible view! I'm so happy to find your blog. I would love to have a new friend in Tuscany!
    Marcia from California

  4. With a gorgeous view like that I don't think I'd ever get anything done! You have a great workspace.

  5. Ciao Daniela!
    I just stumbled over your friendship blog with Karen through the WBC party and think it is such a great idea!
    Your creative space looks like you get a lot og big projects done in there. I'll have to investigate this blog more because now I'm curious to see and read more about what you do.
    Sending you happy WB party wishes from Germany

  6. WOW!!!! You have one amazing shop to work in and the scenery, awesome. I can't believe all the tools you have. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. What a great workspace for all your wood and stuff. The view is amazing and would distract me from my work. I would love to sit with a glass of red wine and some delicious olives with ciabatta!
    Enjoy for me!

  8. Beautiful! I love your laboratory! Those beams! It really looks like a lot gets done here :)

  9. The laboratory is just right for getting work accomplished and with that view how could you help but be inspired? Just wonderful!

  10. I love Italy.......and the countyside...........I am swooning....I love that you can have that amazing view and have that great space to create in.......ahhhh Tuscany......thanks for taking me there........ciao bella!!!!

  11. Amazing! I love the view! Your lab has enough stuff to keep anyone busy for a long, long time. I'm glad I stopped by. Can't wait to see the study completed next year!

  12. Oh my goodness, the view from your studio is just stunning! How wonderful that you will have two spaces to do what you love doing best. I love wood working tools too and my husband, who is very handy, lets me plunder around in his wood shop. Thank you for sharing not only your creative space but your view!

  13. Rescuing an old piece of furniture is one of my very favorite creative passtimes and you have the perfect space for it - although I'm not sure I'd ever get anything done with that view! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Beautiful view and a workshop that looks like you really do work in it! I love that.

  15. I truly believe you have the Best View Ever!!! My dream is to visit Italy one day, just for this reason. I just know in my heart it will be like going to Wonderland! What a delightful blog you have! I will definitely be returning to see what the two of you have been up to!


  16. Oh Daniella what a Fabulous view! I don't think we ever really appreciate the special beauty of where we live. (For example, I hate living in the desert, but many people think it is truly beautiful) But it sounds like you know just how lucky you are! I am so envious that you hace such a wonderful wood working shop!!! I bet you spend all summer out there! Thank you so much for participating in this years party!

  17. Thank you both for sharing! I love the idea of one of you from the US and one from Italy (I dream of visiting Italy one day!)
    Karen, I so appreciate that you share your graphics with us, I use many of them and have many more stored to use more! Daniella, what a view! hugs to you both!

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous vistas!! Lucky you! I would never get any work done!

  19. Hi,
    I love your workspace - it kind of reminds me
    of our garage - my husband is the wood worker in this family though,
    Hope work will start again on your other room soon.
    Come check out my space.


  20. What a beautiful studio with an amazing view! Creative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  21. What a fantastic space you have! And that view!!! Oh my gosh, you must love it.


  22. I love your workspace and your view is amazing!

  23. I love your workshop!!! I love tools too and the more I have the happier I's a wonderful thing to be able see a piece of furniture and then see it totally transformed in your mind ~ I know you must have this talent! And your view Daniela is just magical ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  24. How do you get any work done with that view, it is so breath taking. Your work shop is wonderful and I can see how much fun you have there. Thank you for sharing your lab with us.

  25. Hello Daniella! Your view reminds me a bit of the scenery we saw on our way to visit Valentina in Lucca last fall.....just breathtaking! Your workshop is wonderful and very serviceable and organized! It is so nice to meet you!
    :) Ciao!

  26. girls.
    this was
    a wonderful
    getaway for
    me! lovely!
    karen, i liked
    your little
    cubby with your
    relics and pictures
    that remind you
    of God.
    daniella. that
    view! seriously
    you are blessed.
    happy day to you!

  27. I can see how busy you are, just looking at your studio! But that is a nice view to focus on when you get tired, yes? I love Italy, went for a visit last year, and I would love to go back.

  28. Daniela, it looks like you are a very creative person and I love how you showed us a piece of Tuscany. You flower pot out your gorgeous view was so fun to see. Your views are stunning! I'll look forward to seeing your post next year also.

  29. what a view - what a wonderful place. I could just sit and stare at your lovely vista all day. This is a place to create and to be happy!


  30. What a great space, enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi Daniela,

    What a wonderful visit to a most creative space. The view alone was enough to make me swoon with envy.

    Half way around the world but we are all the same in our hearts "artists" through and through.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely space.


  32. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new space. It has an awesome window and magnificent views. The results should be amazing.

    Be sure to come visit "Summer Sundays". It's all about what summer means to YOU!

    - The Tablescaper

  33. You have the most beautiful view!! Such treasures in your space,too!!!! So blessed! Thanks for showing us this beauty!

  34. Such a gorgeous place to create, Daniela!!! Loved taking your tour today - thank you!

  35. How fun! I could get lost in there looking at all of your vintage treasures! And your view out of your window is just stunning! Thank you for sharing... xoxo Julie Marie

  36. I am absolutely jealous of that inspiring view! Thanks for sharing!


  37. A wonderful creative space. I love how you have access to everything. Lovely view too.

  38. What a great workshop and I can't wait to see the study looks heavenly right now! Thanks for letting me stroll through your space. I really love it.

    I would love for you to visit with me and stroll through my's been a labor of love to put together and now after a year in our home putting everything together as it should be I feel like I can "spread my wings" and fly!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  39. Just stunning!!! I LOOOOVE your views too. I cannot wait to see your space your husband handed over to you all finished. Oh please do share photos when done! I have been to Tuscany many times and have family from there. You make me have the most wonderful memories and I am delighted to have found this blog you and Karen share. How wonderful!

    xo Molly

  40. Oh Karen, I came back when I had more time to browse your first post about your gorgeous studio, and I wanted to see this one in Tuscany. OMG, Tuscany, what a piece of heaven. I love Antiques, ephemera, and old and rare books. Your vignettes are over the moon gorgeous. And now the beautiful place in Tuscany. I think Karen because you are forever giving to others that God has blessed you with pieces of heaven to create in. I loved you work before, and now when I see your work all over the Land of Blog I can envision where you create.


  41. Oh I love your studio and those views are stunning. x

  42. You have a wonderful workshop filled with supplies to be creative! I love it! Your view is pretty awesome, too! WOW! ♥

  43. What a great workspace and a view to be inspired by! Awesome!

  44. Thanks for sharing your space! ~Diane

  45. Your view is stunning, it must be quite easy to create lovely things as you enjoy the view! Thank you for sharing! Theresa

  46. What a Wonderful Work Space & a Beautiful View ~ Thanks for sharing.....

  47. What gorgeous views! And you have such a great space. I am impressed that you do carpentry yourself. I leave most of that up to my husband, although I do sand and paint some. The upstairs room is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it finished next year. Thanks for sharing. Blessings,

  48. How beautiful your place is! I love the views you have. I'd have a hard time staying inside! It looks like you have enough projects to stay busy for a long time. And carpenter's tools too-What fun! Thank you for sharing...

  49. Stunning! Studios are always a work in progress it never ends :) thanks for letting us in to see!

    luvs and glitter
    ~ jen

  50. Your view is spectacular. I am also blessed with a view I love. Blue mountains and sunsets. Looking out at any given moment is like a meditation.


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