Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Ice Cream Truck

Hello Daniella and Friends,
Recently I saw something here in Small Town that I haven't seen since I was a little girl. It was an Ice Cream truck!! When I was a kid the Ice Cream Truck would slowly drive through our neighborhood, while playing a tune that sounds something like a loud music box. As soon as we heard that tune, all of the kids in the neighborhood would go running to find their parents. "MOM... The Ice Cream Man is HERE!!!", we would yell. Then we would grab some money and run out to buy our favorite flavors. Mine was Chocolate Eclair or Strawberry Shortcake, from "Good Humor Ice Cream." Both had a cake like coating with the ice cream inside. They came on a stick. I think you can buy them in grocery stores now, but it was so much more exciting to get it from the Ice Cream truck!
Okay so, maybe not as good as a Gelato Festival. But it was fun to see again after so many years!
Do you have these where you live?

Ciao Daniela e Amici,
Recentemente ho visto qualcosa qui in Small Town che non avevo più visto da quando ero una bambina: un camion del gelato! Quando ero piccola il furgone dell' Ice Cream  avrebbe 
guidato lentamente  attraverso il nostro quartiere, col sottofondo di una melodia che suonava tipo un carillon ad alto volume. Non appena sentivamo quel brano, tutti i bambini del quartiere sarebbero corsi a cercare i loro genitori: 
"MOM l'Uomo del gelato è QUI !!!", avrebbero urlato. Poi avremmo preso qualche soldino e saremmo corsi a comprare i nostri gusti preferiti. Il mio era cioccolato Eclair o Fragolina Dolcecuore, da "I Gelati del Buon Umore". Entrambi erano su un bastoncino, ed avevano un dolce come il rivestimento con il gelato all'interno. Penso che ora si possono acquistare nei negozi di alimentari , ma era molto più eccitante comprarlo dal camion del gelato!
Ok, forse non è bello come un Festival del Gelato, ma è stato divertente vederlo di nuovo dopo tanti anni!
Avete queste dove vivi?




  1. Hi dear! No, any Ice Cream Truck here, nor at present time or when I was a kid. Many, many artisanal ice cream parlour, but all firm in their shop. So I can imagine your sourprise when you saw the new ice cram truck around in Small Town, even if it looks more an ambulance than a gelato seller :) !!

  2. Ha Ha HA! I love that it looks like the ambulance to Daniela! Yes it has come to save the kids from their lack of ice cream!:-D

  3. Too funny!! I never thought about it looking like an ambulance, but it really does doesn't it?!!

  4. Oh yes, the ice cream truck! I still have that familiar music in my ears.
    Interesting, that the truck in the picture offers soft ice cream, never seen one like this one.

    Thanks for the memories! :-)

  5. Here you can almost tell time by our icecream trucks. I grew up on a dead end street next to the train track so we didn't have an icecream truck. My stepdad told his kids it was the fish truck. lol That still makes me laugh to this day. Poor things! My dad is going to Tuscany at the end of the month. I'm so jealous!!

  6. Merisi,
    Yes, it's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head!

    Fish truck? That's too funny!!

  7. Hi Ladies

    I just discovered your site today. What a great blog. I live in Australia and will love to hear about your adventures and life! I have been to Tuscany and can't wait to return. But we have our first trip to the US planned for December - so will enjoy hearing your insights for places to explore. Best wishes. Olivia

  8. Hi Ladies - I just discovered your wonderful blog. I live in Australia - in a house built in 1880 - old by our standards! I too love history, houses, reading, art and travel. I have been to Tuscany - can't wait to return. We are traveling to the US for the first time in December, so will really appreciate your insights! Best wishes, Olivia


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